rapture and weirdness

To commemorate is like abstracting
monuments out of evergreens and short-handing a
jumbled sentence all over the façade. Smoking out
the echoes of the heart. Diametric subterfuge of
pitching limbo. Catacomb conversations
about the divergence of the misrecollected.
The irretrievable light play. Unseeing.
Etched with commandments. Indicted
aslant, towards a shiftless suggestion. They
helix. Whorling no place like idiosyncratic synagogues
half-done like our history. Guillotined to-and-froms.
Mondo gargoyles. White-washed cherubs.
Minding sinner and saint. Will this pilgrimage ever
end? Between now and then, to back and forth.
We are shrouded between the measure and orbit,
limit and realm of brooding.

Swaddled in blankets of pause.


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