surprisingly throws up

In this dream a young woman is silently singing into a microphone attached to a washing machine. She has muddy brown hair and a dirty profile, thin, a wilted rash. She is aware of my presence, knowing how I wish she would bathe. She drops away and wettens down the drain. I am left facing a large balcony with babies jumping into it – in reverse – from the ground up and over the railing, kerplop. What seems like 4 of them are lined up vertically, nose-to-toe, their arms and legs tied. They cannot move. I am scrutinizing their faces, looking for recognition of this reverse flight issue. Some of them wear the expression of knowing suicidal jumpers. I continued to sit there in front of the sliding glass door watching what then becomes a cat fighting for its life, entangled amidst restrained chubby baby limbs. The cat reaches out for me and I realize, it has the same dirt-riddled fur as the willowy drain-lady. Repulsive.

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