Glitzy peacocking wrapped around growling

I will have limited time as that which men want for
Because I’ve been marked as a breeder and thus’more
They look at those younger in secret with lust
While I find my own comforts with child at my bust
And it hurts in the ways which men can’t understand
Because there’s no such thing as a one-woman man
And these generalizations may seem petty or false
Then I challenge you all to a complete porno halt
Like back in the day when such moments occurred
There was no mass media, when men meant their word
This age of convenience plus lust, greed and lies
Leaves every woman broken, questioning her rights
Yes, there are women who claim it doesn’t bother them at all
They rush to the surgeon because their breasts are too small
Insecurities raging, subconsciously planted
Archetypes listed as crone, mother and virgin
So I’m stuck with the struggle of having a daughter
And forced to teach her the sins of the fathers
Not to buy into the bullshit of d-i-s-n-e-y
Or believe in that song, “I only have eyes…”
I’m saddened inside that this has to be said
The truth is a myth, true love is dead
So separate the notion, love differs from sex
And armed with this fact, don’t be an object

  1. Jenny said:

    Hear hear!! Keep faith good ones do exist. I’m living proof. Kisses and smooshy hugs.

    • thelemonspank said:

      thanks luvvie. I’ve been feeling uber feminist grrwly lately….not sure why? feeling bothered by the plastics and the entitled (un). I have a decent and dedicated man, we talk of these issues often enough – I’m grateful actually that he feels bothered by the same underlying currents. as always, am happy for you too tho 🙂 xox

  2. Confundus Mondundas said:

    I’m reading this imagining your lens of frustration and insecurity than a proper analysis of the state of states. Great piece of subjective writing. Sometimes I wonder if feminism is better served through living rather than lamenting. Is it really like this? Or are you just going through a process and trying to understand it?

    For the sake of the impressionable youth who might read this and build upon their existing misjudgments I thought I might respond with my own frustration and insecurity.

    As a man *deep drums rattle; women and children run fleeing* I’ve grown a little weary of angelicly-angry fisted-femmes sounding wide reaching battle-cries and marching down upon make believe masculinity. In 2010, really?

    Life never lives up to what stories lead us to dream. It’s hardly a phenomenon; and it goes two ways. Man *dogs wimper away; cats snarl and jump into the tree* might ask: Why am I not a hero? Where is my princess? And perhaps he could cast about and blame in on the world; or perhaps not. Stories are guidelines for morality and choice. It’s up to you to live how you choose.

    “Men can’t understand. No such thing as a one-woman man.” That’s rubbish. As a man *cars crash; traffics jam* I’ve never cheated; but I’ve been cheated on. I’ve never out-right said, “Hey, cheat on your man with me” but I’ve had a girl say “Let’s have crazy cheating on boyfriend type sex”. I’ve only vaguely crossed a flirtatious line and yet somehow seem to continually attract flirty women who are entirely unavailable (or rather, technically shouldn’t be).

    I’ve often wondered if there’s something wrong with the opposite sex. Then there were the days I thought there must be something actually wrong with me. But it’s more than all that. Much more.

    So go ahead and beat on your drums. Hold us to the very measure you simultaneously decry. The blog post and the comment where you “have a decent and dedicated man” are paradoxical. Or just, a little, ironic. Clearly all men are not created equal. Though certainly all frustration and insecurity seems to be.

    • thelemonspank said:

      Ooh creative and witty anonymous banter ~ my favourite kind 🙂
      Every experience causes the catalytic process of understanding, or hopefully(?), trying to. Yes, in life, I’ve been cheated on; yes, in life, I’ve faced romantic highs and lows ~ much like everyone else. This piece was hatched over a conversation I was having with a longtime friend over a paper she wrote about pornography/sex and it’s taboo sway over culture – particularly the fuzz between “feminism” and the perception of using subconscious sexual tricks to gain power – or the illusion thereof. The personal side where I remain conflicted is that I understand this process, I’ve been known to feel “legitimized” by using prowess which causes me to wonder about my own feelings of conflict about (generalized) men’s so-called desire for multiple partners, genetics? Sowing the seeds? Is that a blanket excuse for bad behavior? Are women found at the root of this? Does our play on sexuality encourage this? What role does easily accessible internet porn play in monogamy? Where does fantasy fit in? Maybe I’m just dreading having that birds and bees talk with my daughter when the time comes….given the unknowns of colony collapse. The paradox – for me – piles up. Perception is such a capricious game, truly a space for creative writers to voice a consequential jigsaw.

      I’m with you, this layer cake has many flavors of discussion baked in. This was just one piece of the buffet….and now I feel inspired to lyrically tackle the other side ~ thank you 🙂 visit again? perhaps sans cloak of mystère?

    • thelemonspank said:

      P.S. I deserve your generalized retort given I generalized in this piece, s’ok. But let’s not assume what song I’m playing on those drums just yet.

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