Monthly Archives: June 2011

So few people. Uncongested but happy. How I doubt riches in pop culture: fixed but never making the worst of it. Squandering little meat in the fridge. I don’t see friends at a group event and want to laugh aloud with sorrow. They are my escape. The escape from mass plebeians. I run from it and wonder where those friends are? If they could merge into one person I would need nothing else. Reality being such a tamed creature. Often over developed as saddened detritus. So are you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full out comic book nerd or you have simply paid enough attention to recognize this iconic clock tower that overlooks Brooklyn. This penthouse has recently popped back onto the market. It boasts 3 floors and almost 7,000 square feet, 4 giant clocks and a ridiculous price tag for most. Care to take a guess at what this Gotham City icon will run you per month?

$50,000 is the monthly cost of calling this sky high suite home, unless you want to buy it out right at 23 million. It’s an immensely beautiful space that is begging for a bit of modern furniture or large art pieces — oh and one fat party! The lowest ceilings in the space start at 16 feet and go all the way up to 50 in some areas. There’s indoor and outdoor deck and observation areas that take advantage of the 360 degree view from atop this 1914 Brooklyn landmark.

It’s a piece of history, it’s a piece of pop culture, and more importantly it just goes to show that there’s always someone willing to be part of both as we’re sure this pad won’t be available for very long.

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