drinktank beauty

Why is it that ¾ of the way through the daytime, the light casts fizzy drink, exhaling fresh Fanta? Here is a palette of soda that will no longer be contained within a tin can, or accompanied with a pull-tab fffsshh of carbonated mist. One could obsess over this, 7am or 7-up? Post party purple drank. Cream soda coloured flesh post-carnal coupling.  I may consume too many things. For such a short time, all I see is soft……drink. I’ve become thirst…ier.  Awakening to find my wrists and ankles bound by six pack rings, stranger than sexual bondage. There are remaining rings, cola shaded, on more than just the coffee table. No one notices this soda fountain spilling over, that my brain might be impregnated water with fixed air.


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