Faded polychromy murals

This used to be easier. Maybe the state of drunk I was in lent to a greater language bank than this sleep deprived, self-awarded matriarchy. Could be a new phase, from once high-tech girl to socialite party-going journalist to physical trainer to yogini to fashion student to post secondary educational grants person to mom ~ the only constant in my sway was the way of the pen-cough-keyboard. And now, I find making the time to craft poems, or the style I’ve become known for, is a chore. Should I ditch this blog? Every time I consider it I get a new subscriber, how’s that for a universal sign……. Blogging has become strange, I’m totally unsure about turning this back into a personal soapbox to stand and proclaim…what? To the eyes of whom? For the ingestion of null purpose?

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