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floating open air pods create a network of points for contemplation and relaxation. lusciously planted with trees and tall grasses and encircled by water, these recessed and bowl shaped forms allow a retreat from the dry urban landscape. extending the boundaries of day-to-day activity, these islands also serve as an escape from the fast touristic environment. the beautiful panoramic vistas will become shared and enjoyed by transient visitors and permanent dwellers alike.


Dutch firm MVRDV has won an international competition for the design of the Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China with a scheme of concrete speech bubbles. Yes, the same bubbles that typify comics will cluster together and serve as a museum for… comics. It seems obvious but creates a structure both surprising and humorous, maybe even comedic.

The architect describes the evolution of comics as “develop[ing] more and more into a sophisticated art form.” Which, in a way, stands at odds with the idea of inflating a speech bubble with concrete. However unsophisticated the conceptual operation, the conceptual result is a variety of spaces that do appear sophisticated and compelling. That is, if you can see around the Kung Fu Panda and the Pokemon.

(as feat’d on the Fox is Black)