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First Place:LO2P: Delhi Recycling Center by Atelier CMJN, Julien Combes & Gaël Brulé

LO2P skyscraper is destined for New Delhi, the highly polluted capital city of India. Reminding you of the London Eye, this Ferris wheel like structure is built using old cars recycled for sourcing building material for the new structure. The surrounding air will be purified through a series of large-scale greenhouses that serve as filters. Another set of rotating filters capture the suspended particles in the air while the waste heat and carbon dioxide from the recycling center are used to grow plants that in turn produce bio-fuels.

Second Place: Flat Tower by Yoann Mescam, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans & Xavier Schirr-Bonnans

The Flat Tower is a new high-density typology that features a medium-height dome structure with perforated cell-like skylights. The dome’s large surface area is the ideal location to harvest solar energy and collect rainwater. The structure houses community recreational facilities at the ground level, residential and office are located at the upper cells. An automated transportation system connects all the units, which are different shapes according to their program. This project has been designed for the city of Rennes, France, in an old industrial area but can be adapted to fit any location.

Third Place: Re-imagining the Hoover Dam by Yheu-Shen Chua

At the present moment one can visit the Hoover Dam and partake amenities like a viewing platform, a bridge, and a gallery. But the problem is that they are located at different areas of the site. With this redesign project, Yheu-Shen Chua brings together all the focal points of the amenities plus adds in a vertical aquarium to enthrall the visitors.


UK’s first ever net zero carbon home that also meets the highest level of the UK Standard Code for Sustainable Homes. It is a leading example because not only is it made with the most sustainable materials, but is also designed to encourage and shape a more sustainable lifestyle for its occupants.


Tour Signal was a proposed skyscraper in La Défense and in Puteaux, France. Medea and Layetana were the developers with Ateliers Jean Nouvel as architects.

West Gate was chosen as the location for the building in order to open the La Défense district to the municipality of Puteaux. The project’s ambition was to create a stronger polarity at the heart of the Île-de-France and develop a major attraction while relating the project to its natural and built environment and, lastly, embodying the various elements which strengthen the feeling that the project belongs in the district.

This project has been cancelled. In 2009, Medea and Layetana announced they are not involved in the project anymore, and the new president of the EPAD Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud declared her opposition to the tower which looks like an unaesthetic “monolith”.