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Christian Louboutin has customised 3 dolls, inspired by Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe, which feature a new terracotta tan skin tone, and having never before experienced the delights of such gravity-defying heels, a new in-step to enable her to take giant Louboutin steps for doll-kind.


However, a limited edition Christian Louboutin Barbie doesn’t end there; 4 Barbie-sized pairs of shoes accompany each doll, each in their very own Louboutin shoe boxes, in which delicate tissue paper reveals such miniature delights as lovingly crafted long leopard skin Christian Louboutin boots. The Christian Louboutin Barbie doll with a jewellery thief theme (as seen above), together with the calendar, launches December 2009 at Net-a-porter.


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