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Night spectra of eternal screaming
Convincing in the void of silence
Mnemonic of my ineffectualness
Wickedly cruel perpetual insignia
Transgressions cutting chords
Lucidity constantly questioned
Viral endemic, insidious repugnance
Miasmatic reactive misfortune
I am weary
As I fall further each time

tandis que parler d’oralement
nous a laissés discutent mes dents pendant un moment
que j’adore attribuer beaucoup
la plupart des compliments que je reçois à mon grand sourire lumineux
vous remercie de ne pas creuser hors des cavités
vous remercie d’être si droit, blanc et propre


Don’t fail me les dents!!!!!!
{I keep dreaming that one of my front teeth falls out – the horror…the horror}

In the vast vacant emptiness of her subliminal self Wee sensed something, like dynamism in an empty street on a dark night. She didn’t like it in the same way she didn’t like sudden moves from people around her.

Understand that Wee was the kind of animal that had kittens easily and she needed to be staid before various stimuli had its way with her. The reason her normally dreamy gaze was showing pulse was that it was morning and she knew there were a few things she had to do before she went for her ante meridiem reality sprint and took her daily conditioning.


Vertigo kicks like a cold filly. Wee lost her balance and fell on her applebum. Yet it didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would. However ~ she was getting really sleepy…..or really alert; powder fine difference. Hadn’t she slept already? Why were her fingers stained like she had slept with a pen?

Had she slept with a pen?

I see myself standing in someone’s luxury apartment, high above the city.

Strangers are sipping drinks when the room begins to lean.

Rocking, still enough to measure, I think, “At this height, it’s normal for buildings to budge…even sway inches….even feet”.

The guests all chuckle nervously, balance their martinis, steady themselves against a sofa-back, fingertips along a window pane.

Inches, even feet, we reason, as the floor tilts slowly east then west.

I wait, unbreathing – watch the shadows tweak like dials. The walls heave and creak in suspense, I slam against one!

Objects tumble, then whip into reverse, trees rear up into view.

The break is soundless…or deafening. Big light, the sky, the old falling fear. Furniture spins out into the swallowing treetops.

But I get tossed a mile away, and pasted to a bright patch of lawn. The view of debris spilling from a clear and windless height rains down around me.

Enough time to think, “A falling dream where I hit the ground and didn’t die”