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Hair today, gone tomorrow. I was just revisiting some of my own ghosts of the locks. Such a personal story, the hair colours, cuts and styles throw me right back into certain times, places and adventures. Recently gone almond-ash-lilac, I think I’ve uncorked a new chapter and may stick with the totally unnatural options for a spell.  Maybe mermaid silver shiny next?? Grow it out a bit or keep it short??  So.Hard.To.Decide. I’m “manely” schizophrenic.

Here’s a peek at my hair story…history.


from l’artiste with whom you share impassioned affections
It’s the intrinsic attention to your peculiarity and chichi.
It’s the refined tussle scuffle snippy clips.
She brandishes shears, whispering impetuously to wet locks,
Hewing off the fringe with your head sinistral
Between cool palms as you relax delicately.
The onus to have been clandestine
About the ritual of revamp.