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Another 5hr day in the stiletto jungle!! Yaletown to Granville to Robson…pulled several pieces that would have been well worked but were not my size or ruined with filth stains! The self set presh was intense & I was resigning myself to leaving the downtown core for another handful of hours looking for the one! But there she was. In the last store I visited. Shiny bitch. Tight. I can safely now let go……..and set all that energy onto…….HAIR & MAKE UP.

I love these choices that threaten me with their very multiplicity. I like to consider each outing a grenade pin pulled. Kablam.

Once she fell in love with a strange-tongued rhapsodist who was named after a staircase in the Grand Canyon. He drove a black bicycle with a night light, peddling around the city, down through the woods to night-cap the moments or to the seafront for salt-kicked reflection. They lived together with a button in a perplexing button-hole next to the rainbow which was widely recognized by mustached persons wearing leather chaps. The walls were lined floor-to-ceiling with nothing and paint and photos and books; and Wee and her staircase-boy would sit eating bacon and sonnets while the button did and un-did many things. His sweet tooth and fondness were wholehearted. Eventually he left her for a pecan pie, though she was nutty herself.

I am thankful for
having love & being able to give love
for family and supportive loving friends
for the wiggling jigglet in my belllllay
for sunshine & fresh air
for freewill & applying it in a positive manner
for the scent & sound of the ocean, trees & flowers
for compassion, for curiousity & experimentation
for laughter, tears & the occasional flash of anger or fear
for grace & the willpower to progress
for strength & determination to achieve
for history, myth, science & theory
for poetry, music, theatre & the arts
for forgiveness, adaptability & perseverance
for cappuccinos, dessert, cheese & warm bread
for shoes, soft knits, high boots & individual style