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Road runner, road runner Going hundred mile per hour With your radio on With your radio on Somalia, Angola, Ghana, Ghana, Ghana (hey!) India, Sri Lanka, Burma, bamboo banga (hey!) This the bamboo banga And we’re hitting our records like a tennis player And the drummers do the shit like the macarena This the jungle banga Or the cold jammer I’m bored of eating banana I want guanabana I wanna warm my buns this summer summer summer summer Now I’m sittin’ down chilling on some gun powder Strike / match / light / fire Who’s that girl called Maya? M.I.A. coming back with power power (power power!) I’m big timer, it’s the bamboo banga I’m knocking on the doors of your hummer hummer Yeah, You’ll be hungry like the wolves hunting dinner dinner And we’re moving with the packs like hyena ena Barbarella look like she’s my dead ringer When I’m dogging on the bonnet of your red Honda I’m a road runner I’m a world runner I’m a road runner I’m a world runner!