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‘stead of peeling it there, you’re turning tail

s’no weakass game, it’s straight up hellllllllllllllllll ya

not over in minutes, we’re pushing hours

not taking it easy, we overpower

and it’s hard on your body, all sweatin’

when every muscle’s givin’ bounce, shirt’s wettin’

but you push past the wall like you Hussein Bolt

you got lightening veins, 10,000 volts

no longer surprised – you be hella proud

29 kilometres peeps, say it L-O-U-D!

Ambling in succession

Actively well restless

Departing a progression

Hustling while breathless

Hurrying a compulsion

Pacing towards the summit

Charging street corrosion

Escaping all known limits

Dashing to abscondment

Hastening pain’s doctrine

Fleeing the misshapen

Perpetually in motion

Time to reinvent, ad-libbing expectations for customized posterity. Or something. Having already put weight to the afore-fathomed what’ifs, here’s the so-called roundabout collision course for 2010!

Creative aim ~ Making time for making things! Since the garnish came about I’ve little time for expressing expressions. My intent is to schedule due dates for designwork, forcing myself to re-habituate. Albeit an alzheim’ic seamstress, painter and jewelry craftess of late, this can be reanimated and applied with tremendous energy. Once a month is generous.

Fitness intent ~ Recall the saying, “it’s like a riding a bike”? For me it’s not like that…no, it’s about busting my ass to RUUUUNNNN. I’ve already started the intensive 5 day/week training for 2-2010 marathons; Vancouver in May and Frankfurt in October. Ambitiously I’m considering some yoga and circuit training in the 3mos break I take from running this summer…..but summer is usually about cocktail training on the pat-yay-ohs.

Travel plan ~ Part of the motivation to run another marathon stemmed from the amazing Euro trip I had in 07’; piggybacking the Dublin’thon with a 4 country hopper. Looking to reward myself in the same fashion, I’ll be slaughtering my Asics at the Frankfurt marathon and then………I’d like to check out my namesake castle, tour around Germany for a spell, maybe train to Belgium for a chocolate tour before coasting back down to reality.

Financial objective ~ Details unnecessary but after having set the cash-wheels in motion 2yrs ago, I’m on a 2.5yr countdown to complete debt freedom! Of course I’m stashing cash for the future of the garnish (when she decides to get her phD, she can!), and once I hit zero balance I’ll be ordering off the real estate menu; but for now, this responsible activity tickles my responsi-tooty.

Professional target ~ Instead of standing in the shade of the mountain or drifting anti-Newtonian, I’m calling favors from mentors for that necessary critical opinion about the climbing equipment needed to conquer. Short-term goals albeit fabulous for tangibility, generally distract me from the larger puzzle. Going to step back and project the octopus with the coconut, find-a-way.

Personal aspiration ~ Is just that! Mind ya biz.




I flip this country off and flap wings to Dublin to run a marathon I’ve been busting my ass over for the last 11mos.


After the ‘thon I hit some Irish rockspots and leave rumours of my passing before I catch a bird to…?

Maybe Spain? Maybe Holland? Maybe France?

Maybe all the above?

Go sideways to knock wooden shoes and pass the Dutch baby?

En arrière en France, boire le vin?

Baile a España y consiga picante?

Choices. 3 days to figure it out!!

{Less than one day per country?}

Thriving on a diet of intercontinental stress.


we broke the historical rain record for the month of July today ~ there’s been 2 weeks of summer here this year, it’s enough to drive us all to the sea, slip out of this oxygen pourus, carbon riddled flesh & slime off into the mire. wouldn’t be any less wet or depressing now would it? and think, no more worrying about how pale you are, or if that new moisturizer really works.

what a wild weekend I just had. from utter work out exhaustion to the spa for a new colour (no worries anyone it’s very pretty), out for a bite & a glow from merlot, to a bump ‘n’ grind fest in a warehouse, 5am crashing, sleeping till 3pm, up and out again – house party to house party to Kitts lounge to Honey. nother’ late, 4am type medley of silly adventures.

I’m tired today. I wish it was sunny. Going running in it anyway, like a good little marathon’r.  (rrrrrrrrrr). brain dead.