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Does copping ones STEEZ come in threes???

When it first happened with Mariah Carey, I laughed at her lack of originality.

When it occurred with Terry Richardson and Jessica Stam, I felt mildly irked, although quietly amused at the coincidence.

Seen, this new episode is kind of…well, awesome?

As a longtime fan of Nylon Magazine, I’m somewhat proud that they ripped off my Halloween costume / idea…the costume I wore this year in October.

Exhibit A – Me, a Zebra

Exhibit B – Myself and my love, Shaun – Zebra and Tiger.

As you can see, Nylon recycled the idea into an editorial play called, ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ in their November edition of the mag.

Thank you Nylon…I am flattered and left feeling stylishly affirmed. Go ahead and cop my steez anytime.

Mariah Carey has been busted copping my STEEZ!!!!

Picture 1, Me at Marco’s work party, November ’07 (disregard my ‘oh dahling’ hand pose & note – this dress has a low back, I am wearing it properly!!) ~



Picture 2, Mariah the thiefette in London LAST NIGHT – wearing the low back in the front to draw your attention to…? Gee, that’s a classier choice Mimi ~

Back off Mimi, I rock the original. Hire a stylist already.

And P.S. ~ I didn’t have to hide my legs under stockings either Mariah. Now who’s on fire?