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Moving from the land of shiny glass bubbles, tiny YSL adorned toy dogs, silicone enhanced people with charge card lifestyles…

To the land of wooden structures, rainbow patch sporting beachy-paced foodies by the open sea and forest…

A 10 minute drive, a 30 minute walk, a 25 box, 1 moving truck, 1k+ expense, 5 day pack / unpack, Pocahontas theme song’d – new world order.

Purged & cleaned, deconstruct, reconstruct, revive, rethink, consume, renew.

Discovering heroes and zeros, cocktail evenings on the floor, the many rolling smiles of carpeted corners and Krishna bells. Cavernous spaces with lofted light streaming.

upside down land

With your misfit nuts & bolts

 You will find the screwdriver is missing

And the wrench departed without a word

Cast aside rusty nails and a few

Warped boards are all that remains

In the house of the Wee…

How quickly the house caved in

When the Hammer met the Saw


“…This amazing art installation was made by Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo for the International Instanbul Biennale in 2003. She used over 1,550 chairs stacked on an empty lot between two buildings!” 

I have a feeling that Doris may have been channelling my recent moving experience!! How to fit ones life in boxes and pieces into a new dwelling, assembled, cleaned and functioning within 48hrs!!

My regrets for the lack of  blogging last week – my heart was here, my pens and keyboard were packed. All is done – there were no casualties (save for a few arachnids who deserved to be slain, relieving my intensified horror).

So maybe in the last month I’ve been a little…


So maybe I’m looking forward to the move. so maybe i’m kind of nervous too. so maybe being single isn’t my forté. so maybe I’ll have to try hard not to be lonely. so maybe I’ll come out of my little woven threads – & paint stained – art shell. so maybe i have plans to try to. so maybe this isn’t the deepest posting – or my best written form, but maybe i’m kind of tired.




I have never remained in a single apartment unit for more then a year. Odd. And I’ve never really thought about it until now ~ this move. I – can’t – wait – for – this – move. I don’t even have a place yet but I’m ready to move into my new habitat and claim it, as a new, exclusively personal environment. No roomies. No boyfriend. No family. No pets.

I’ve only ever had 4 places of my own and I remember each of them with fondness. I believe, if memory serves me, that I’ve shared at least 14 other dwellings in my transient spells, I’ve lived with 4 boyfriends, I’ve had 11 roommates. Let’s not discount when I lived at home (the commune), with my Mom, sister, Mom’s friends + their kids, Mom’s boyfriends & now husband, multiple dogs, numerous cats, 2 birds, 1 turtle, fishies, and the 2 hermit crabs we owned once….it’s no wonder I’m mercurial.

My inner decorator is aroused, I’m juiced to embellish, to bedeck, array and express. Create contrast through positioning large gilded art next to simplified nondescript discarded oddities. Loud, chromatic fabrics spilling onto quotidian movables. No compromise, no bending to another’s wants ~ my declaration of freedom defined by paint.

I have a nerd book. It’s a book of collected ideas. Torn from a plethora of magazines, books, photos, and websites. It’s the ultimate mix mash of dilettantish ingenuity. In the nest of my mind it’s the collective environment I imagine would cause soundless delight to all who tread through its halls, sit on its cushions, lean on its surfaces.

I have plans. I will have time. I will have me. And I will have a home.