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Yes I do think I saw an alien, once.
Yes I do love losing myself in an evening of crazy activities with crazier people
Yes I do revel in having feminine wiles
Yes I am that girl who used to dance on top of the speakers when I was underage and clubbing
Yes I did once throw a beer bottle at a guy in a club – he deserved it
Yes I have been in a fist-fight, hair pull, all out cat fight with a girl, once
Yes I do love dressing up and feeling hot when I go out
Yes I am a serial long-term relationship girl
Yes I do believe I’m rather cognitive
Yes I did carry pepper spray in my purse for years, and used it, twice
Yes I do enjoy reading about science more than spirituality
Yes I do love punk as much as hip-hop as hybrid as electronica as opera as oldies
Yes I am that girl who used to wear baggy jeans, tight tops and a boyfriend’s jersey
Yes I do feel addicted to coffee…good brain-tazing coffee
Yes I do believe I can do anything
Yes I may say I don’t give a sh*t when really, I give a lot of sh*t
Yes I have broken hearts
Yes I am a fashion and shoe whore
Yes I did run a marathon
Yes I cannot stand the smell of Jack Daniels, baked beans, nor body odour; altogether would be abominable
Yes I was rebellious and am now self empowered
Yes I have dabbled with alternative lifestyle choices
Yes I am still open to everything, once
Yes I’m getting older but who’s counting?

Complexity theory pioneer Stuart Kauffman, author of the fantastic At Home In The Universe, has a new book out called Reinventing The Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion. According to Kauffman, who is also a theoretical biologist, the universe is so beautifully complex, incredible, and full of wonder, that we might consider thinking of it as “God.” He summarizes his argument in the current New Scientist. From Kauffman’s essay:

…The unfolding of the universe – biotic, and perhaps abiotic too – appears to be partially beyond natural law. In its place is a ceaseless creativity, with no supernatural creator. If, as a result of this creativity, we cannot know what will happen, then reason, the Enlightenment’s highest human virtue, is an insufficient guide to living our lives. We must use reason, emotion, intuition, all that our evolution has brought us. But that means understanding our full humanity: we need Einstein and Shakespeare in the same room.

Shall we use the “God” word? We do not have to, yet it is still our most powerful invented symbol. Our sense of God has evolved from Yahweh in the desert some 4500 years ago, a jealous, law-giving warrior God, to the God of love that Jesus taught. How many versions have people worshipped in the past 100,000 years?

Yet what is more awesome: to believe that God created everything in six days, or to believe that the biosphere came into being on its own, with no creator, and partially lawlessly? I find the latter proposition so stunning, so worthy of awe and respect, that I am happy to accept this natural creativity in the universe as a reinvention of “God”.

Link to New Scientist, Link to buy Reinventing The Sacred, Link to Kauffman’s 2006 Edge essay “Beyond Reductionism”

Once upon a time, 3000 years ago there lived a fertility goddess named Eostre. Happy in her role as a goddess, she taught the people how to whore it up & make babies.

Now you must realize that even though this was a long, long, time ago ~ people still had a sense of humour, and so Eostre’s symbol was the bunny. *F* like bunnies, get it? HA! (pagan humour, so passé).

Anyhoo, eventually the Christians came along & declared the Eostre spring festival null, while transitioning it nicely into their own celebration, The Feast of Passover, and voila!

We are transported back to today ~ Easter ~ where we celebrate bunnies, big feast-like turkey dinners, Jeebus, chocolate and fornication.

Ta-da! The lesson to be learned from this is to mind your whoring…or the followers of Jeebus will transform you into a globally recognized holiday celebrated for thousands of years by the young & old alike. Ya-hear?

Hope you have enjoyed this tale from the past,


When I turned 22 I started tempering with my soul. Lacking confidence in any of the known (subscribed?) religions, I’d often felt unoccupied, quintessentially blank. In times of joy, I acknowledged the emotions, drew pleasure from their light substance and held hands with positive delight. In times of pain, I cursed remorsefully at my weaknesses. At all times, I had felt evacuated of my specter.

A few miracles took place that year. I met several of the best people and friends I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, I landed a job in a terrific environment where I felt challenged daily, I started to dabble a bit in yoga, and studied philosophy, world religions and science ~ as a past time ~ with great hunger.

Giordano Bruno, Immanuel Velikovsky, Johannes Kepler, Rene Descartes, Tesla, Einstein, Copernicus; Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism; Mythology, History, Astrology; all were devoured, consumed and processed into a escalating panacea of awareness of my long lost soul.

I forgave my emptiness, I allowed the whispery personage to seep back into my being. I took pleasure from knowledge and repletion in the training (re-training?) of marrying my physical and metaphysical senses.